Why should I use a travel agent?


Trying to navigate hundreds of on-line sites can be very stressful and time consuming. A professional travel consultant can save you time as well as money. They have pricing options and special rates available through their suppliers that are not offered directly to the public or on-line. Also, your travel consultant provides a personal contact person to work with the airlines, hotels and tour operators in case you encounter any problems during the trip. Your travel consultant is there to help you plan your trip, is also available during your trip in case of any unexpected problems. Travel agents are professionals with years of experience in the travel industry. Using the services of an experienced travel consultant can be invaluable in many ways!

Does it cost more to use a travel agent? Do travel agents charge fees?


When booking travel packages, tours, cruises, hotels and other types of customized travel packages, we do not charge our clients additional fees. Only if booking an airline ticket alone is a booking fee charged, which is the same as when booking on-line or directly with an airline. We are paid by our suppliers and tour operators, not by our clients.

What is the benefit of taking an escorted tour?


Escorted tours can be a wonderful way to travel and see a country or region, see things you wouldn't see on your own, have the services and expertise of local hosts and have all of your transporation provided without having the stress and expense of driving yourself. In areas such as Europe, the services of a personal, local guide gives you a much richer experience and you will learn a great deal from these knowledgeable (and fun) professionals. In Asia and South America, as well as some areas of Europe, many sites are not accessible to individuals, but a hosted tour group will have access as well as not having to wait in long lines to enter. All of your entrance fees are paid. Also, you don't have to worry about driving yourself...just sit back and relax and enjoy the surroundings as you are "chauffeured through the countryside. Of course most escorted tours provide plenty of "free time" to do as you wish and plenty of stops along your way. It is easy to accommodate individual requests for changes along the way. Also, many times my clients meet new friends and form lasting relationships with others on these tours.

What is an "FIT" Tour?


FIT stands for "Foreign Independent Tour" and that is when an experienced travel consultant is extremely important. We work with each individual client to customize their vacation to meet their needs and desires. If you know where you want to go, or what you want to see, we can help you arrange a trip that will compliment your lifestyle, your travel dreams and work within your budget.

What is Travel Insurance? Do I need it?


Travel insurance is a very good thing to have, especially when planning a long or expensive vacation. This insurance protects you against cancellation prior to your trip in case of illness, family illness, jury duty, work related requirements, incement weather, military service, etc. It also provides insurance against loss of baggage or personal effects, baggage delay, trip delay, trip interruption and medical expense during your trip. Cost is based on amount insured and age of traveller. This is normally a nominal cost for the peace of mind it gives travellers considering the many unexpected things which can occur. I always recommend travel insurance to my clients.

What if I just want an airine ticket? Can't I just book that on-line?


If you are only booking an airline ticket and nothing else...no tour, hotel, car, activities, etc...you may find the same price on-line and it is very easy to do this yourself. The only real difference would be if something unexpected occurs with your flights, such as cancellations, missed connections, etc. If you booked your tickets on-line (especially at a site that is not an airline's official site), you have no one to call to help with re-booking so you are often required to wait in long lines at the ticket gates to get help with your reservation. Most airlines have excellent relationships with travel agents and will work with us to re-accommodate our clients.